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Over 80 Travel Insurance

As you get older finding the right holiday cover can prove to be increasingly difficult, particularly for those aged over 80 years.
We aim to make this process a little easier so that you can focus on other important matters such as of planning your trip. 

Why do I need over 80 travel insurance?

Many insurers often see holidaymakers over the age of 80 as a greater risk, due to the increased risk of falling ill whilst travelling.
Irrespective of age, travellers may fall ill or be involved in an accident and require medical treatment on holiday.
Our Travel Insurance can offer specialist travel insurance for over 80’s, meaning that you are able to travel knowing that should such an event arise, your travel insurance policy will cover you.
We believe everyone deserves the right to travel, irrespective of age, which is why we are dedicated to making the process of comparing over 80’s travel insurance as simple as possible.
We can provide a range of quotes from some of the UK's leading specialist travel providers who can offer different levels of cover. You can access the policy wording of each provider, meaning you can choose the policy which best suits your needs. 

What if I am over 80 and have a medical condition?

You may find it difficult to get travel insurance if you are over 80 and/or have a pre-existing medical condition.
Our Travel Insurance’s online screening facility aims to simplify the process of finding and comparing travel insurance for those over 80. You should add details of your medical conditions such as COPD, cancer, heart conditions and asthma and our quote engine will do the rest.
You will then be presented with quotes from our panel of some of the UK's leading specialist travel insurance providers who are able to offer cover, meaning you can choose the best policy to suit your needs. 

How do I choose the best over 80s travel cover for me?

We can offer both single and annual trip policies with no upper age limits, however, if you are travelling more than once a year an annual multi-trip policy may prove more cost-effective.
If you are only travelling within Europe, a Europe-only policy is likely to be better value than a Worldwide policy.

Over 80’s travel tips

Important documentation for travelling

Be up to date with passport and visa regulations related to your destination. You can access relevant information from the FCO website.
If you have to renew your passport, try to do this well in advance in order to avoid any delays.
Ensure that you have copies of important documents such as your passport, bank account details and driving licence, in case the originals are lost during your travels.

Vaccination advice

Do your research and get all the required vaccinations for your holiday. Be clear as to whether you need to have malaria tablets or any other treatment before your trip.
Plan ahead as some treatments have to be started well in advance of your trip. 

Medication and travelling

When travelling with medication, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient supplies to last the entire trip as well as extra supplies in the event of any travel delays.

Travel money

Before leaving the country, inform your bank and mobile phone provider that you are travelling to a foreign destination. This is helpful in avoiding your phone service or cards getting blocked.

Staying healthy when abroad

Aim to drink plenty of water and remain well hydrated. It can also be beneficial to avoid alcoholic beverages if you are taking any medication.
When flying, ask for seats with extra leg room that allow you to stretch your legs. If you are prone to deep vein thrombosis, using flight socks and exercising your legs during the flight may help to reduce the risk


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Over 80 Travel Insurance

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