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Over 75 Travel Insurance

Over 75 travel insurance can be more difficult to acquire than standard travel insurance. The reason for this is that many travel insurance companies may not be prepared to offer older people travel insurance due to any pre-existing medical conditions that they may have and increased risk of illness whilst travelling.
At Our Travel Insurance we believe that everyone deserves the right to travel with peace of mind and the knowledge that they are properly insured - no matter what age they are!

Why do I need over 75 travel insurance?

If you are over the age of 75, you may be starting to plan trips to places you’ve always wanted to visit, but did not have the time to travel to in the past. When planning your trips you should ensure you organise comprehensive travel insurance.
Accidents can happen to anyone, whether you are 20 or 75. It is essential to be properly insured in the event that an accident takes place so that you can have peace of mind and enjoy your holiday experience.
Medical costs can vary from one country to another and can be very expensive, especially in countries such as the USA. To eliminate the possibility of picking up a hospital bill amounting to several thousands of pounds, you should get a travel insurance policy that can help you cover any unexpected expenses.
Our Travel Insurance offers single trip and annual multi-trip policies with no age limits. 

What if I am over 75 and have a medical condition?

At Our Travel Insurance we understand the difficulties associated with finding appropriate travel insurance cover if you are over 75 and/or have a pre-existing medical condition. This is why we specialise in offering travel insurance policies that meet your needs.
When you go through our medical screening process, you will be asked a series of questions where you will be able to add any medical conditions you may have with ease. You will then be presented with quotations from specialist medical travel insurance providers who are able to offer you cover and you can choose the policy which best suits your particular needs. 

How do I choose the best over 75s travel cover for me?

Before buying over 75 holiday insurance, there are a number of things to consider.
Firstly, you should consider which cover is most suitable. You may find that an annual policy could work out cheaper than single trip policies if you are planning two or more trips a year.
On the other hand, if you are only travelling to European countries, a policy that only offers cover to Europe may work out better value for you than a worldwide policy

Travel tips for the over 75’s

Planning your trip

Plan your travel carefully prior to booking your tickets. You can get country specific information, including security and safety updates from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
If you require additional arrangements for example accessibility/wheelchair facilities for any of your planned trips, it is beneficial to make them before you depart.

Vaccination advice

If you are required to have vaccinations for your chosen destination, try to arrange these at least 8 weeks ahead of your departure date. General travel advice and detailed vaccination information is available on the NHS website.

Medication and travelling

When travelling with medication, you should ensure that you have sufficient supplies to last the entire trip as well as accounting for any possible delays. Discuss with your GP as to how you should take medication when travelling across time zones. It can be beneficial to carry written prescriptions for the medicines you are taking with you.

Tips for your flight

When flying, try to request seats that provide you with more legroom. This will help you to exercise your legs and prevent deep vein thrombosis. You should also indicate in advance any dietary requirements that you may have.

Itinerary preparation

Prepare a detailed itinerary and give a copy along with copies of other important documents to someone at home.

Holiday insurance over 75

Ensure that your over 75 travel insurance is in order. This will give you peace of mind as it can cover unexpected medical expenses incurred while you are away.

Arranging your travel money’

Avoid exchanging money at airports, you can often get a better deal by planning ahead and shopping around for the best exchange rates.


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